Simple Brilliance:
The Music of Raymond Powers

May The Silence Be Broken, Only By Music From The Heart.

"I keep your CD playing on my computer all day. I'm pregnant so I switch between playing Mozart
for my unborn child and Heart of the Mother for myself. Your music is perfect for what I need."
- Wendy, Global Maternal and Child Health Institute
"An amazing experience. I won't do a birth without it. It should be in the kit of every midwife."
- Marilyn Ryan, Midwife, Co-founder Ojai Birth Resource and Family Center
"Your gift is undeniable... Spirit has guided you and brought out the best of the best."
- Erial, Fine Artist
"Our whole office loves your music so much we put it on our intercom and call holding."
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- Karen, Cascade Catalog

"....consistently dreamy....breathing feeling when listening to Heart of the Mother.
Great textures and a naturalness that is non-formulaic...inspiring and moving."
- Greg Hurley, musician

"Perfect for a finer sensibility... Your music is a profound connection for me to that sacred place
in my consciousness where I am one with Love."
- Rev. Scott Larson, Spiritual Unity Movement

If you haven't heard Raymond Powers play and sing (or even if you have),
you are in for a resonant, transcendence experience.
- Patrick Harbula, author Magic of the Soul

For two decades, as one of the pioneers of "ambient" and East/West fusion, Raymond Powers has been exploring his unique blend of multi-cultural music, using both traditional instruments and modern technology to accompany his passionate, exotic vocal stylings and instrumental music. He has studied with Western, African, Native American and East Indian music masters. Inspiring audiences, his performances offer the message of global unity, social responsibility and sustainable lifestyles. LISTEN HERE

Immersed in the cutting edge of music as a transformational tool, he has also collaborated in the creation of sound environments for theater, ceremony, ritual and rites of passage for all ages. He is also a researcher and practitioner of alternative therapies that utilize music, sound and light as healing modalities.

As a life coach, business consultant and transformational counselor, Raymond Powers has been practicing and teaching for the past 20 years. With a focus on mentoring the art of communication, peaceful relating and joyful living, he assists individuals and businesses with creating healthy systems that support their visions and goals. He emphasizes the importance of cultivating and creating authentic relationships and teams based on mutual respect and support.

His expertise has been sought after by individuals and businesses who want to empower themselves or their organizations with cutting edge technologies. As an advocate of socially responsible business and fair trade practices, he assists in strategies that will develop sustainable models and maintain a thriving environment. He maintains a strong vision and lifestyle for an economy that supports the needs of the earth, it's inhabitants and all future generations.

Teaching workshops, such as Singing Your Dream Awake and The Way of the Open Heart, he has taught hundreds of people how to discover their well Being and become beacons of peace and serenity. He has gained national recognition for his expertise, consulting and contributing to both print, such as GQ and Maxim magazines, and Internet publications. Most recently he has developed an advanced approach to living as love and compassion and is writing a book, entitled Simple Brilliance, that offers practical exercises for personal development and shares with you anecdotes from his extraordinary life. A free sample chapter is available from his website Simple Brilliance.com as a pdf download .