Golden Fingers

Golden Fingers, I love you,
Your touch like a thousand petalled velvet rose.
When I make love to you I finally know what love is.

Golden Fingers, I miss you,
I've been on this road so long that I guess I'm losing touch.
But I promise this time I'll be back tommorrow,
'Cause this travellin' man has got to travel back home.

'Cause I wanna be,
I wanna be with you.
'Cause I wanna be,
I wanna be with you.

Golden Fingers, I want you,
Though we try to stay apart we keep coming back for more.
When your in my arms I feel like a father ,
When I'm lost in your charms your the mother of all.

Close my eyes, and try to remember what we've got.

Golden Fingers, I need you,
There's been so many times that I could not make it alone.
When those dark nights come I feel like cryin',
With tommorrows sun you'll be Iyin' here with me.

© 1991