(artwork: Misha Ma'Heo)
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Heart of the Mother - This retrospective collection spans the years from 1988 to present.
A few of the pieces have appeared on PREVIOUS CASSETTE PROJESTS , however most are unreleased tracks that have been waiting to
fall upon willing ears. Some solo, some collaborations, some entirely electronic, and yet others acoustic. The many facets of my muse.
Upon listening, though, I think you'll find a consistency and style that is uniquely my own and reflects my lifestyle and cosmology.
Click HERE for track titles, credits and instrumentation...or HERE for the stories behind the music.
I have been composing with electro-acoustic instruments since the age of 17 and have enjoyed the many challenges and possibilities
that have presented themselves along the way. This album combines my love for ethnomusicology, nature, technology and expansion.
I give thanks to the forerunners and virtual mentors that have inspired my art: Brian Eno, Peter Gabriel, Christopher Franke,
Paul Winter, PFM, David Bowie, Steve Reich, Chick Corea, John McGlaughlin and countless others.
Van Alpert deserves a special thanks for his many years of encouragement, friendship and enthusiasm.
He assisted as mix engineer on most of the older tracks and currently is part of the live band.
When I was approached to do this compilation the timing and intent was perfect. It is the first of a series of recordings that benefit
The Ojai Birth Resource and Family Center in Ojai, California, my home for the last three years.
I will be donating 30% of each sale to this organization to help further their education and outreach programs.
By now I'm sure you have noticed the incredible artwork and design of  

(graphic design: Misha Ma'Heo)

Misha Ma'Heo. She contributed her talent and expertise to this project,
and for this I am forever grateful. For contact call: (714) 813-5058
CD's - $15.00 plus $2.50 s/h
Check or money order payable to: Raymond Powers
Mail to: Creekside Crafts P.O. Box 1062, Ojai CA 93024
Please email me with your comments and questions.
I am available for performances and special occasions.
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