I love music, no, I love sound, no, I love the silence between the sounds.
Some say that I sang before I spoke. I don't remember.
I have learned that when I sing and what I sing about: Happens.
"First there was the word.", or some ripple of a causative intelligent force.
This intrigues me. I play with it, I heal with it, I create with it, I dance with it.
I share my sounds with others and watch life transform itself.
I feel blessed to be lovers with the muse.
Discography Education
Listen Here California State University, Northridge, California, USA
Life Coaching Bachelor of Arts Voice and Composition - 1981
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Links Skills
Contact Vocalist, Producer, arranger, orchestrator, ethnomusicologist
  Composer for theater, film, video - all styles
  Songwriter, lyricist
  Voice, Keyboards, Piano, Acoustic guitar, Native American Flutes, Percussion
  (Recordings on Paradise Boutique Records between 1984 - 1991)
  Sculpture Splash, DMZ, Dancical Magical Land,
  Fields of View, Archer and the Muse
  (Recordings on Creekside Crafts)
  Heart of the Mother (CD - 2002)
  Stillpoint: A Guided Relaxation Program (CD - 2006)
  Music I Love - Past & Present
  Old Genesis, Yes, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Peter Gabriel, Ofra Haza, Debussy,
  Beethoven, CSN(Y), Joni Mithchell, Alanis Morriset, Shakti, Return To Forever,
  Gnawa, Pygmy, Sunny Ade,Yossou N'dour, Zep, Ravel, Seal, Jai Uttal,
  Zakir Hussain, Marvin Gaye, Banco, David Sylvian, Jewel, David Bowie,
  Dead Can Dance, System Of A Down, Alex Murdoch, and on and on and.....