The Music and Art of Raymond Powers

May The Silence Be Broken, Only By Music From The Heart.

"I keep your CD playing on my computer all day. I'm pregnant so I switch between playing Mozart
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for my unborn child and Heart of the Mother for myself. Your music is perfect for what I need."
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- Wendy, Global Maternal and Child Health Institute
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"Your gift is undeniable... Spirit has guided you and brought out the best of the best."
- Erial, Fine Artist
"An amazing experience. I won't do a birth without it. It should be in the kit of every midwife."
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- Marilyn Ryan, Midwife, Co-founder Ojai Birth Resource and Family Center

"Our whole office loves your music so much we put it on our intercom and call holding."
- Karen, Cascade Catalog

"A consistently dreamy, lovee, breathing feeling when listening to Heart of the Mother.
Great textures and a naturalness that is non-formulaic...inspiring and moving."
- Greg Hurley, musician

"Perfect for a finer sensibility... Your music is a profound connection for me to that sacred place in my consciousness where I am one with Love." - Rev. Scott Larson, Spiritual Unity Movement

If you haven't heard Raymond Powers play and sing (or even if you have), you are in for a resonant, transcendence experience. - Patrick Harbula, author Magic of the Soul