In Quiet Moments

In quiet moments,
When stillnes becomes my world,
I stand inside myself, I stand beside myself.
Present and lost in love's magnificence,
Bequethed with the freedom that wisdom brings.
Sanctity caresses every breath, every gesture, every word.
In quiet moments.

I revel and shake,
The mystery that lives inside my bones,
Since before the earth was formed,
Before the first whisper of the moon's sacred marriage to the sun.

Dance with the dreamers who give us this song,
Dance with the love that's inside of us all,
Sing to the children, sing with this song,
Sing to the heavens and Angels above.

Sing to the forests that sparkle in June,
Sing to the grasses in Spring as they grow,
Sing to the oceans and blue of the sky,
The red of the roses and blood of our lives' .

Hold out your hands to the one that you love,
Women to men and the men to Goddess,
Up on the hill in the stillness we lay,
Dance on the medicine wheel as we pray ,
To hear the first whisper of the moon's
Sacred marriage to the sun,
In quiet moments.

Sometimes these secrets explode within me,
This vessel turns from steel to gold,
And I lose myself, I lose myself
In this familiar wine.
Yet deep inside I know,
I must pass this drink,
I drink so that all may be drunkards when Spirit shines,
In quiet moments.