I have been writing poetry since I was 12 years old.
Originally this occurred in somewhat of a trance-like state,
strange suspensions in temporality in which I would not remember
pen to paper until it was over. Later, as I began writing
songs and discovering my singing voice, I was able to access
the same creative zone, through more of a conscious process.

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Life Coaching

Rim Institute, AZ July 4, 1991

From Archer and the Muse © 1991
Opening Poem
All That I Have
Mother Street
Mr. G
I Dream Of You
Can't Turn Back (but you can turn back on...)
Secret of Service
Golden Fingers
Mulberry Hill
Sister Mary
Carried Back To Thee
...And You And I
Brian Brain


Sirius Bliss Project

w/ Greg Hurley
This is a story of unity...
transcendent of duality and dichotomy.
A story told through the flow of love;
harnessed with rhythm and rhyme.
The nature of Sirius Bliss reflects inherent,
yet forgotten expressions of our sacred marriage.
Ancient and Future.
The marriage of gender, earth and sky,
sun and moon, thought and emotion,
logic and creativity.
Touch Me (Too Much)
Last Night
Waters of Ecstasy
In Quiet Moments
Dance of Angels
All My Life
Hair, No Hair
w/ Van Alpert
Gold In My Eyes
Without Giving Your Heart Away
Love Is Where We Start
Drawing Down The Sun