For over two decades, Raymond Powers has been facilitating programs for
stress reduction, relaxation and
personal development

Using proven and established methods,
this narrative guide will have long-lasting benefits for your health and peace of mind

Includes music with
cedar flute, voice, guitar,
sruti and nature sounds

PART I - 1.Introduction 2. Interlude 3. Releasing Stress 4. Finding Still Point
PART II - 5. Preparation 6. Revitalizing Breath 7. Conclusion 8. Postlude

Many clients have asked me to provide a program that they can use at home that would be similar to some of the methods I use during private sessions. Stillpoint: A Guided Stress Relief Program is the accomplishment of that . Part One takes you into total relaxation and creates an awareness of your body that both energizes and rejuvenates. Part Two helps you to explore the nature of your breath, how to intentionally move energy to create a vital presence in your life. The music I composed will guide you
as much as the narration to slow down, come to Stillpoint, and experience Being in your true nature.


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